Web Site Maintenance

Web services offered by Rekasso go beyond putting up a site. We also help you maintain updated websites that catch the attention of casual and serious visitors and are effective ambassadors for the organization.

Web performance has been found to have a significant consequence on customers’ online experiences. Effective web maintenance removes show-stoppers like delayed page load, inconsistent response time, and incomplete transactions and gets you an upper hand in the arena of Internet marketing.

Our web maintenance services not only cover your growing needs to showcase and communicate with customers, but also the changing perceptions and expectations of the visitors. Our offerings include

  • Updating contents of existing web pages
  • Adding new pages to the website
  • Creating/changing design elements like banners, icons and other visual and interactive components
  • Optimizing website performance

gives us a complete control of graphics and other web page components to balance informational value, aesthetics and performance. This balance enhances user-experience, guaranteeing you improved business through your effective Internet presence.

Contact us for a detailed discussion on how to make your presence more effective.

Caching techniques

Search engine optimization is a technique technique endorsed for a website where performance of the website is analyzed through page caching & indexing. Caching is the process of storing frequently used data on the server to fulfill the subsequent requests. In general, the cache server acts between the web server and web browser as an intermediator. During the web page loading process, it invisibly accepts the request from the browser on behalf of the web server containing the actual content.

DB indexing

The versatility of endorsing database indexing for a website is to access the physical data structure of the database table which improves the speed of data retrieval operation at the cost of slower writes and increased storage speed. Our developers design a well constructed database indexing for a website. Database Indexing is a technique used to improve the database performance and it informs the database of where the records are located on the disk.

Page load optimization

Rekasso is enrolled with a challenging team of professionals who are competent of designing fast loading websites for the clients of India and Abroad. Page load optimization is a process of optimizing the website with proper image optimization, HTML & CSS optimization and database optimization. In search engine optimization, designing & developing a website is doesn’t a matters, but designing a website with high quality page load optimization which easily navigate both end users & search engines will always matters.

Database optimization

Database optimization is a function of optimizing data from many relational database management systems to index millions of data transactions taking place for every second. The main goal of offering database optimization for a website is to maximize the use of system resources and to perform work as effectively and rapidly as possible. Rekasso expertise handles database optimization for a website to increase its query performance with indexes and statistics.

Design optimization

The versatility of enhancing design optimization for a website has made successful offerings of comprehensive web design packages with hassle-free contents. It’s an optimization method used by web designers to solve design problems by incorporating number of disciplines simultaneously.

Here, in Rekasso our web design optimization professionals will ensure the client with an added advantage of fast page loading, rapid download of websites, image optimization, easy navigation for user know-how and developed web solutions. It’s well known that a website with interactive web design will always serves the needs of both end users and search engines. Our professionals conduct a thorough research on audience perception & the organization needs and offers excellent design optimization for a website.

HTML & CSS optimization

Rekasso is successful in employing a strong team of HTML & CSS optimizers who are competent to work in a challenging websites of both static & dynamic clients. Our well trained CSS & HTML optimizers are experts in minimizing the HTML files, markup and CSS files size to maximizing the page loading speed.

Our CSS & HTML optimization experts will add multiple classes on one element and combine various properties together to achieve the optimal result for the websites. Typical web pages & CSS have extra characters (comments, spaces, crunching color values, embedding codes and redundant attributes) that can be safely removed with no change in appearance.