Call Centre Management System (CCMS)

This application is widely used in Call Centers & BPO where the Credit Cards are collected for purchasing a product /service. Since Credit Cards are involved in Call Center industry making manual writing of card numbers sending it to the verification department to check whether the card is valid or not and to submit the sale sheet after confirmation has become a tiresome and lengthy process. To avoid this, special Call Centre Management System software has been created. This particular software acts as a catalyst between the front end agent who is making the call and with the MIS department who verifies the card. This Call Centre Management System software is also used for other supplementary process like sales count, Verification ratio, weekly and monthly sale ratio, agent wise reports, team wise reports and even the call generation reports.

The Process: Once the agent received the card details from the customer he will open the customer information form in the Call Centre Management System software where the agent will enter the Name, address, Zip code, state, city, credit card type, Credit card Numbers, Expiration date, Customer’s Phone number, and the same will automatically sent to the MIS department. The MIS will check the validity and available balance of the Credit Card by copying the card numbers from the Call Centre Management System software and updating in to an approved online card checker.

Once the MIS department receives the update they will enter the result in the customer information sheet and same will automatically reflect to the agent who is talking with the customer. This process will take just 30 seconds of time. Thus the Credit card checking process made very simple. Other Utilities

  • Agent Wise Performance Report
  • Team Wise Performance Report
  • Trainee’s Report
  • Verifiers Performance Report
  • Everyday Team wise Performance Analysis & Report
  • Management Updates & Quality department Updates

In addition to the main functionality as a Credit Card Checker, this application acts as an Employee Performance Management System of any outbound call centre. The product could be delivered customizing the same to the Company requirements.